Saturday, 21 January 2012

San Francissccooo

So I was in San Francisco for all of less than 24 hrs but they were some good hours. We arrived at The Phoenix Hotel which had a really Rock N Roll vibe, Lots of vintage (second hand) furniture and a colourful shower curtain. I loved it! very cosy, on the other hand Tippa didn't he said he felt like he was in the movie 'Baby Boy' or 'Psycho' coz it kind of had that vibe of one of those motels someone would go to off the motorway and get murdered.

We then sound checked at the venue where we met badboy dog Jackson, which Johnny described as a rope dog cause it would only be right to have a bandana and a piece of rope attached to it, a lead would not be suitable. Looking like something straight out off Snatch, too much game. He bullied us in to playing fetch for about 3 hours.

We then went for some tasty food at a place called Brenda's which was incredible. We had these strange things called Hushpuppies which I can only describe as Deep fried cake in some kind of batter or something, in a kind of thousand islands sauce which was actually very tasty. Then i had some ginormous Ribs, collared greens and Mac n Cheese. Apparently Brenda draws on 'craft honed in French and Creole kitchens of New Orleans and San Francisco' so i came to the right place.

The show was also very tasty, I played at a night called Popscene at The Rickshaw Stop, fellow British band The Good Natured played as well who I thought were really cool, the lead singer also has a great pair of legs. The audience were amazing, so lively and a great start to the tour!

In the morning I learned that for some reason in California, Limos are the same price as getting a taxi to the airport so when we ordered a taxi from the hotel reception we were a little surprised to see a white limo outside! Our driver even played Frank Sinatra 'I left my heart in San Francisco' as we approached the airport, Gangster.

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