Saturday, 28 January 2012

Big Apple Munching

New York has to be the best city in the world (apart from London of course!). I like it cause it's so busy and gives you the feeling like you're being swept up in to some hectic whirlwind. When i'm there, people are always asking 'What's the biggest culture shock' and apart from having maple syrup on their chicken and no baked beans for breakfast, it's a lot like London.

When we got there it was Chinese New Year so i thought it would be cool to check out the celebrations. I remember one year in Peckham i must have been about 13, my friend and I were shopping in a shop called Atlantic Clothing (Peckham girls will know this shop), buying a £3 top when we heard gun shots every single person got down on the floor i think i hid in between the rails until we realised it was the fire crackers from the Chinese supermarket opposite. I thought i was gonna die man that was some scary shit. Hoping to relive my Chinese new year firecracker experience i read on a website they were letting off 600,000 of the buggers so I dragged Johnny and Tippa off to some place near China town, but all there was was a Chinese man singing a Celine Dion Song. We waited for about 15 minutes but it was quite dry so we went for fried chicken in Williamsburg. On the subway we came across 2 men playing some amazing instrument almost like a harp which had hip hop sample all over it.

That night my publicist invited us to go to Jim Jones' Studio as Tippa is a massive fan of the TV show 'Love and Hip Hop'. On our way to his studio we saw a couple sights.....

The Empire State Building>>> Don't know what goes on in there!

The Museum of Sex>>> Don't know what goes on in there either!

Jim Jones' studio was amazing. You could see the Empire State Building from the vocal booth. He also has a mini film set in there! where he's put bricks on the walls and made a shop front from the shutter of the elevator. Complete with a payphone, a street lamp, a bench and a mural for his friend. He said it's what his street in Harlem looks like, i was very impressed! He was very hospitable, the perfect gentleman.

The show was sick! I do love a New York crowd, I played at a venue called 'The Drom' which was a really good space and very intimate. A lovely lady named Shyvonne opened up and really enjoyed her music, gonna download it today, she even had two dancers for the last song and it went off.

Follow her: @shyvonne

Was amazing to see some familiar faces from the last time i was there. One lovely lady even made me some earrings in the shape of New York State! Which i will treasure forever.

Afterwards we met up with some of Tippa's friends and went to see Louie Vega play some house, and sung a long to 'I touch the sky, sky, skyhiiiiiyeah i touch the Skyeeeeyighhhh' good times.

On my day off i went to see some of my family in Harlem, got on the C train bricking it that i was gonna end up somewhere random but thankfully i got there!

Anyway, Love to New York! Hope i'm able to come back soon!!!



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  1. What a fantastick story :) i really want to go to newyork too haha tho it looks like im going to be stuck in sheffield haha please come back to sheffield i missed you last time :( i hope you do really well in the olimpics song and all the best for the future i hope to hear more music from you kathleen :P and your new rumerd album :)
    love ya katy B xx
    From Darren Poole :)