Monday, 30 January 2012

Montreal Snow..

Our flight to Montreal was delayed for 3 hours :( but we got there in the end and when we did it was snowing!!! In London we do get snow, but most of the time it's a bit of sleet or some hail stones that we just pretend is snow to make winter seem more bearable.

I really wanted to try the traditional Quebecan dish that is Poutine (not ot be confused with Putain which means whore in French or Putin the Russain Politician), Which is chips and gravy and cheese, but unfortunately didn't get round to it but here's a picture anyway>>>

In soundcheck I met the lovely Akua who has a magical voice, and reminded me of a Corinne Baily Rae/Quadron/Erykah badu Love child. She opened up beautifully :)

The gig was a great end to the tour! The audience were bashing the stage and making lots of noise just how we like it!

I even met Jacques Greene, Montreal resident that remixed 'Broken Record' Which is one of my favourite remixes ever!!! It really sounds like that vocal was made for that beat.. talented geezer!

Anyway! North American Tour Was amazing, had sooo much fun, thank you to everyone who joined me!

Keeps your eyes on this page as i will be giving you a present soon to say thank you :D


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