Monday, 10 December 2012

New Favourite Tune #16

Badman in Tivolliiiii... I listen to this when i'm doing weights at the gym, makes me feel like a badman in Tivoliiiiiii...

Friday, 7 December 2012

Friday, 30 November 2012


Mans been a S.I.A fan from day Pow Pow!

Thursday, 22 November 2012

New Favourite Tune #15

Big up Jess Mills orrrn this one! 

What you came for video>>>>

Here it is!!!! So glad Nicola Adams is in it! She's such a G!

Look what I found>>>

Big up Lips Choir for picking my song to perform, even though it did kind of freak me out a bit, it's very tense and scary!!!!

Thursday, 25 October 2012


I did my first ever full acoustic set at the launch of Sony's MDR-1's at HMV this evening!!!! I have avoided doing acoustic stuff just because I feel like it doesn't really relate to my music (talking about subs going boom over an acoustic guitar) but I reeeeallly enjoyed it!

Found a lil' vid...

My highlight though was meeting the real life HMV taxidermy dog...

Thank you to everyone who came down!!

One Lurve


Saturday, 13 October 2012

New Favourite Tune #14

Been hearing this on my telly and thinking, 'That bird sounds like Paloma Faith' and it is!!! and now there's a video! and a whole song for me to listen to!!! and i love it! She looks like Jessica Rabbit!

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Mosca - 'What You Came For' lyric videoooo

Featuring yours truly>>>

Brighton Shakedown

I don't know whose bright idea it was to have a festival in October in England? But they got lucky! The sun was shining and the festival was pack out! It was my last festival of the year so myself and my band felt a bit sad but celebratory (Is that a word?)!

Pre-gig cuddling with the band>>>

.'s a little interview from the night>>>

...and here's how the night ended up>>>

Big up anyone whose seen me at any of the festivals this year! It's been emotional x

Monday, 1 October 2012

New Favourite Tune #13

I love Aluna George, I think their songs are so catchy and well written, Aluna's voice is so unique and the beats are sick... had this stuck in my head all week!!!

I had the pleasure of meeting them at Rinse FM's birthday celebrations this weekend too (which was epic btw) and can't wait for their album!

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Writing, writing, recording, writing, eating...

Hello guys, a lot of you are asking me on twitter when i'm gonna have some new shit... well if you aint heard it I'm featured on Mosca's  new single 'What you came for' which is effectively me writing over his dance floor anthem 'Bax' (You may have heard me sing it at the festivals over the summer.)

You can listen here...

I have also been locked up in the studio all summer, I promise! Geeneus is feeding me dry scraps of his old sandwiches, I've even got my own studio slippers that live here...

And here's some more proof... A pic I took of Guy Chambers at his studio doing his thing, finishing off a track I wrote with him 'Crying For No Reason' that I performed at Somerset house earlier in the year...

We've got backing vocals on it! here's a pic of me and the lovely b.vs...

So there you have it... Do you believe me now???

New shit soon come

One love



Monday, 24 September 2012

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Rinse turns 18

Rinse is turning 18!!! Woop Woop, it's like a fully fledged adult now and everything! To celebrate, Rinse is holding a massive celebration at Brixton academy you can get tickets HERE.

They are releasing 18 video interviews with Rinse's nearest and dearest talking about every year Rinse has been on air leading up to the event and the first one is from Geeneus. Check it out and keep an eye on Rinse's website: for the next installments...

New Favourtie Tune #12

Warning! Do not listen to this before bed because it will be in your dreams, you'll wake up singing it, shower singing it, eat your breakfast humming it and it will basically take over your mind for the next two months (not that that's a bad thing)... She looks ever so hot in the vid too...

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Rinse FM @ The Tate Modern

I'm very excited that my song 'Katy On A Mission' is going to be featured in an art installation/performance by Rinse FM which will feature songs that shaped underground music and genres at the Tate Modern as part of it's Undercurrent: young people’s festival.

This Saturday 18th Aug 7pm

It's FRREEEE so come down but you have to BOOK A TICKET!!!

A limited number of additional tickets will be available on the day on a first come, first serve basis


Monday, 6 August 2012

The Olympics and shiiit

Can't believe it's here, living in London anyone will tell you the Olympics has been some 7 year long version of the run up to Christmas. I have been so lucky to be involved, making a song with mark Ronson for it. he travelled all around the world sampling the sounds of different athletes performing their sport to put in to our track.

And last week I got to run with the torch!!! It felt like sports day, my mum and dad were there with their video camera! I had to run 330 m at Brunel University, their students were graduating that day also so It was a double celebration.

Then I got to perform at the Olympic torch relay finale at Hyde Park to 70,000 people, I think that might have been my biggest audience yet, some London gymnasts training for Rio 2016 joined us on stage too.

This weekend I also got to watch Serena thrash Maria in the women's finals and saw the artistic gymnastics at the O2 which were incredible, unfortunately I bloody managed to wipe the pictures from my phone being the untechnical fool that I am but hopefully I'll get some good ones at beach volleyball and Taekwondo this week!!!

Hope you're all gooood blog readers of the universe



Friday, 6 July 2012

Nike Training Club Live

So I'm performing for a crowd of 2000 strong women tomorrow at Nike Training Club Live at Old Billingsgate market, Woop Woop! Gonna be sick! Free classes led by amazing trainers, yoga, manicures, massages, nutritionists and all things that will make your body love you, and what even better is that it's free! Everyone lady attending will have been working out and gaining points using the Nike Training Club App to get a ticket!

I'm looking forward to going to a festival and actually feeling like I've done myself some real goodness rather feeling like i have to recover for a week (but maybe I will after those Nike master trainers get a hold of me).

This is my Nike master trainer Sonja!! She is a soldier, when I met her i knew we'd get on cause she loves music!!! She's always bringing in some next jungle compilation to stick on while she's killing me!

I love our sessions because she's always changing it up, one day I'll be hitting things Muay Thai style, next I'll be doing kettle bells then on the TRX and that's how I like it, I never get bored, she's actually made exercise so enjoyable where as before the thought of doing sport seemed a distant memory of year 9 P.E.

So I hope you've got your golden ticket girls! see you there at Nike Training Club Live!

Sunday, 1 July 2012

New Favourite Tune #11

Can they please be a couple right now please??? The bum squeeze is my favourite bit!!

Monday, 25 June 2012

New Favourite Tune #10

Wooooooo... It's here! Look out for the video soon! Rinse famalam>>>>

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Sorry Blackpool!!!

The torch relay concert on the beach got cancelled due to weather conditions. It was like the film 2012l! I've never ever seen rain like it!!! My hotel had a leak, I opened the window and couldn't flippin close it thought the window was gonna fly off!

I wanted to go to Coral island and spend all my 2ps in the 2p shelf machine thingy man and climb Blackpool tower but just ended up in Nando's instead :(

Til next time Blackpool!!!

Bowness On Windermere

Bowness on Windermere is one of the prettiest places in England!! Need to go back there and actually have time to take it all in properly. Found out in the morning my hotel room was built on top of a morgue though :(

My View...

I had never seen rain like it in the morning but it was all clear for the show!!

Purple Tears make-up for stage....

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Carlisle Torch Relay

Twas good to be back in Carlisle. The torch set up base in Bitts Park and we tore up the lawn! Here's some pics from the day...

My new whip, I can't tell you how much I want one of these!!!!!!!!

Poll dancing in my hotel slippers...

Backstage I met the crew from StageRight, here's us doing some jazz hands...

And some future Pentathletes!!!! (which I learnt includes shooting, fencing, swimming, horse-riding and running!! Oh Goshhhhh)...

Next stop Bowness on Windermere!!


Wednesday, 20 June 2012

York Torch Relay

Yesterday was the beginning of 4 shows I'm doing on the Olympic Torch relay this week.

First stop was York, I had never been to York in the day time before (I've done a p.a in a club there) and it's a beautiful town, really old school and victorian, I loved the shambles which are little shops selling random stuff I was walking around for ages, found the place Guy Fawkes was born and randomly learned York used to be the capital of England back in the day!!

I did an interview on a special BBC Radio York Bus where I met the lovely Ellie F.

The Torch Relay gig was sick, York were a great audience, lots of sunshine, families and food and found out Twist and Pulse from Britain's got talent are doing the gigs as well so need to get them to teach me some moves!

Back stage there was a tiny lil baby

And some lil boys making some beats with their 'Coca-Cola Beat Makers' which are kind of glorified tamberines.

Next stop Carlisle>>>>>

New Favourite Song #9

I've been a fan of this girl for years! One of the best voices in the country in my opinion and i'm so happy her material is some great RnB which is what i've been fiending for!! (And she looks super sexy in the vid too may I say)!

Monday, 18 June 2012

Chester Rocks!!!!

Festival season is here dudessss!!! and Chester was sick, bumped into Tinchy Stryder whilst I was there! and heard Maverick Sabre's lovely tones from my dressing room (was getting hair did :( so didn't get to see him in the flesh!)

They were a marvellous audience!!

The front row crew were on point, giving me lots of energy and i even got to meet some of them backstage!! 

This is us jumping like we're super excited about something (Chester flippin rocks of course!!!):

Love to Chester!!

Have me back next year please!!!

Off to York now for the "London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay Evening Celebrations Presented by Coca-Cola" (Wow that was a mouthful) tomorrow! Very excited, I'll post some pics up!



Thursday, 31 May 2012

The Big Brunch

On Saturday I took over the Rinse airwaves for 'The Big Brunch' Show. Every week an artist takes over and plays some of their favourite tunes of past and present... It was a sunny day so had to draw for some Garage but got some new fly ishhhhhhh in there too...

Right click here and "Save As" to download the mp3 to your computer

For more Big Brunch shows from Stooshe, Lianne La Havas and Ghostpoet go to or follow them on twitter @rinsefm to stay up to date!

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Anywhere in The Worrrrrrrrrrrrrrld

Last Thursday was the launch for the Coca-Cola theme for the 2012 London Olympic Games as part of their campaign 'Move To The Beat' which aims to fuse music and sport together and get people moving to the beat of London this summer!!! Which Mark Ronson and I have written and recorded.

It was held at 'Under The bridge' at Stamford Bridge, where Mark played an exclusive London themed DJ set playing everything from The Clash to MIA and I played a set with my full live band, finishing along side Mark playing 'Anywhere in The World' Live together for the first time. 

Mark travelled around the globe recording the sound of different athletes performing their sport, and sampled them to make a unique track fusing sport and music.

Was fun meeting all the competition winners from all over the world, loved it when the crew from Amsterdam broke out in to a break-dancing routine!! :) Felt like i was in a musical

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Vogue Going For Gold Issue!!

So I never thought that my 5' 2'' self would ever be in bloody Vogue! But I did a shoot for them for their Going For Gold special June edition!!

Kate Moss looks extremely amazing on the cover. I HAVE HAIR ENVY!!! You can find out how to do the hairstyle on Vogue's Website here, but i think it might take a couple years practise.

I was part of a line-up of other British artists, actors, musicians and models (met the lovely Jamie Winston is the dressing room) and the morning was an experience I'll never forget even though it was freezing in Regents park and we got told off by the park keeper in his truck with a flashing orange cone on the top a few times (it got a bit heated).

Shot by: Alasdair Mclellan
Fashion Director: Francesca Burns
Make up: Hannah Murray
Hair: Luke Hersheson
Nails: Sophy Robson


B's Baking Crew

OK I'm seriously worried about getting old cause I've been loving making cakes, I always liked making em but my memory is so bad I'd always forget an ingredient and it would come out the oven looking disgusting whilst my mum politely tasted it with me looking at her disappointingly!

But any who it was my mum's birthday a couple days a go so i made her some cupcakes! If you got any good recipes send em my way initttt!!!

Thursday, 17 May 2012

R.I.P Donna Summer

R.I.P Donna Summer, the original Dance Diva Don!!! Definitely a massive inspiration for me, I love how important and influential her records were in shaping dance music and changing the game! Love to her family she will be sorely missed.

This must be the sexiest song in history>>>

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Get It Loud In Libraries Mini Tour

I am really excited that I am going to be doing a mini tour of some intimate gigs in Libraries!!! I remember it being a great change from singing in a sweaty music venue smelling of old beer to being in between books making me feel 50% a bit intelligent and 50% a bit like I'm being a rebel in a classroom.

These gigs are going to be really personal and I hope a highlight of the year.

My full band and I will be in:

Oldham Library, 4th June >>> GET TICKETS HERE

St Helens Library, 6th June  >>> GET TICKETS HERE 

Rugby Library, 8th June >>> GET TICKETS HERE

See you there!!!!

New Favourite Song #8

Errrm how did this slip past me? Just heard it on the Rinse FM drive time show with Julie...

I do love a good remix, Roska executes this one! and Maverick Sabre's voice is full of emotion!!!

His second album 'Rinse presents: Roska 2' is out on 28th of May, looking forward to some more Roska Riddims!!

Skepta performs Make Peace Not War (Afrobeats Session)

The Aunties go in harrrrd!!!

Love Skepta's dance at 1.34

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Summer Headline Shows!! Woop!

Somerset House 8th July!!

I am so excited to say that I will be performing at Somerset House this July!!! as part of their summer series! It's such a beautiful venue and i love performing outside in London in the sunshine! Good vibes all around! As this is a one off show I'm going to make it extra special!!!! Pow Pow :) 


Hopefully mine will look packout like this >>>

Also... Jill Scott is performing the next two nights after me, my tickets are already reserved, so might sleep over. Then I'm gonna run up in her dressing room and steal all her crudites and hummus! and make her my best friend!

(Unfortunately that's Keri Hilson's body, not mine)

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

New Favourite Tune #7

Love it when this comes on in the gym!!! the dance moves make me wanna lift my leg up and fly off the tread mill!!!


Keisha Looking hot in the video too!

Thursday, 26 April 2012

'Love Dance' Somalia Fundraiser

What a sick line up and all for a good cause too!!!

£5 Come reach South London init!!

Here's a little tune for your Thursday morning from me old mate Scratcha's new album 'Pretty Ugly' OUT NOW on Hyperdub click HERE to cop dat!

Monday, 23 April 2012

Celebrity Juicy Juicy

I had the pleasure of popping my Celebrity Juice cherry last week... If you missed it watch it here..

It was a Camp vs. Cool special...

They cut out my dubstep dance lesson and calling Greg James a sex pest but it's still a barrell of laughs!

Here was my super cool team The lovely Fearne Cotton and Greg James:

Monday, 16 April 2012

Train SuperNatural

Last weekend I took part in the FREE!!! Nike 'Train Super Natural' event at Westfield London. Nike master trainers took to the stage to instruct hundreds of ladies! It was an intensive workout including cardio, core and strength drills, I even had to get on stage at one point and hold a squat position with trainer Sonja Moses which was quite scary seeing as i wanted to fall over!

I've been training with Nike Training Club for a couple of months now and already feel the difference, it's important my fitness levels are up for festival season as jumping around on stage like a crazy lady for 45 mins doesn't sound good when you're out of breath!!

Everyone received a 'Train SuperNatural' T-shirt (which I didn't, I'm quite upset about that) and some lucky exercisers got some free Trainers too :)

Here's a vid showing you what went down:

The lovely DJ Neev from KISS FM was DJing too, I also did an interview with her:

My mates and my mum even came down! and i went to Rinse at Fabric straight after and partied til 7am in the morning!! It really energised me. To celebrate I had 2 roast dinners that weekend and a Big Malteaser Bunny egg! (You can't say I didn't deserve it!!).
You can get the FREE Nike Training Club app from The App Store, get your mates down the park and give the drills a go, i've had fun doing them!


New Favourite Tune #6

Ooooo Sinead this is like silk on my ears can't wait to hear this out!! Get my lil one finger skank on!

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Zinc's 'Goin In' Video Riot

A few weeks a go i had the pleasure of being a cameo on the set of Zinc's 'Goin In' video shoot. It was shot in a (fake) supermarket which we didn't even name (I'm quite disappointed about this). I was a lady on the check-out so keep an eye out for me. All in all it was one of the funnest video shoots I've ever been involved with, especially getting to watch people trashing up a supermarket!

I was an unofficial photographer of the day...

Julie (Rinse Fm Drive w/Julie presenter) having fun eating yoghurt....

Roska (The Security guard) and Soulja...

Lovely Hair lady Jules and I promoting world peace!!...

My partner in crime on the tills Gigi (who's featuring on the next Zinc single)

 Roska, Shox and Jamie George loitering around...

Is it just me or does Skilliam look like he's a cardboard cutout here...

Gigi teaching Julie the classic heel, toe, moonwalkish slide dance move...

Maliki the amazing B-Boy!!! Look out for this guy!! Super talented! ....

At this point of the evening, the fire alarm went off and wouldn't stop, so Julie and Mark decided to created some interesting protective ear wear...

Then Julie started dancing to the beat of the fire alarm but then came to realise it was a bit offbeat, this is the point where she decided to use a metronome app to see if it really was irregular or if her dance moves weren't on point... she came to the conclusion that they were (oh the things you do, whilst bored on a video shoot)...

 This is the security man sleeping through the fire alarm!

Julie's toast of triumph when the alarm stopped!...

Me doing a gangster pose showing off my gangster nails courtesy of the legendary Wah Nails...

 The aftermath of the Rinse family, States of Emotion and the actors trashing the supermarket...

Ollie of States Of Emotion and Julie covered in flour...

The End....

Here's The Finished Product: