Friday, 6 July 2012

Nike Training Club Live

So I'm performing for a crowd of 2000 strong women tomorrow at Nike Training Club Live at Old Billingsgate market, Woop Woop! Gonna be sick! Free classes led by amazing trainers, yoga, manicures, massages, nutritionists and all things that will make your body love you, and what even better is that it's free! Everyone lady attending will have been working out and gaining points using the Nike Training Club App to get a ticket!

I'm looking forward to going to a festival and actually feeling like I've done myself some real goodness rather feeling like i have to recover for a week (but maybe I will after those Nike master trainers get a hold of me).

This is my Nike master trainer Sonja!! She is a soldier, when I met her i knew we'd get on cause she loves music!!! She's always bringing in some next jungle compilation to stick on while she's killing me!

I love our sessions because she's always changing it up, one day I'll be hitting things Muay Thai style, next I'll be doing kettle bells then on the TRX and that's how I like it, I never get bored, she's actually made exercise so enjoyable where as before the thought of doing sport seemed a distant memory of year 9 P.E.

So I hope you've got your golden ticket girls! see you there at Nike Training Club Live!

Sunday, 1 July 2012

New Favourite Tune #11

Can they please be a couple right now please??? The bum squeeze is my favourite bit!!