Thursday, 27 September 2012

Writing, writing, recording, writing, eating...

Hello guys, a lot of you are asking me on twitter when i'm gonna have some new shit... well if you aint heard it I'm featured on Mosca's  new single 'What you came for' which is effectively me writing over his dance floor anthem 'Bax' (You may have heard me sing it at the festivals over the summer.)

You can listen here...

I have also been locked up in the studio all summer, I promise! Geeneus is feeding me dry scraps of his old sandwiches, I've even got my own studio slippers that live here...

And here's some more proof... A pic I took of Guy Chambers at his studio doing his thing, finishing off a track I wrote with him 'Crying For No Reason' that I performed at Somerset house earlier in the year...

We've got backing vocals on it! here's a pic of me and the lovely b.vs...

So there you have it... Do you believe me now???

New shit soon come

One love




  1. Haven't heard "Whar you came for" before, I really like it.
    Can't wait for your new album, I will surely buy it.
    Just keep your style and don't become mainstream haha
    Much love from Serbia

  2. Love it...keep the brilliance flowing!!!

  3. Oeh Love it!!!! can't wait to hear your new album! Good luck with recording! X Ester

  4. I love dance music and I've been singing the same style as you since I was teenager, I love it! So looking forward to your new batch! Now following your blog too xx