Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Anywhere in The Worrrrrrrrrrrrrrld

Last Thursday was the launch for the Coca-Cola theme for the 2012 London Olympic Games as part of their campaign 'Move To The Beat' which aims to fuse music and sport together and get people moving to the beat of London this summer!!! Which Mark Ronson and I have written and recorded.

It was held at 'Under The bridge' at Stamford Bridge, where Mark played an exclusive London themed DJ set playing everything from The Clash to MIA and I played a set with my full live band, finishing along side Mark playing 'Anywhere in The World' Live together for the first time. 

Mark travelled around the globe recording the sound of different athletes performing their sport, and sampled them to make a unique track fusing sport and music.

Was fun meeting all the competition winners from all over the world, loved it when the crew from Amsterdam broke out in to a break-dancing routine!! :) Felt like i was in a musical

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  1. Thats ace Katy! Every time I turn the TV on I see the advert for track, & the billboards around town! Its everywhere! Look forward to hearing it more when the Olympics are on.. Its cool to see how he sampled the sounds