Monday, 23 January 2012

New Favourite Song #1

Im gonna be letting you know what i'm listening to! hopefully at least once a week. Kicking off with this tune from Donaeo, makes me giggle can't wait to dance to it in a club and drink two drinks coz it's my biiiirthday...

It's free to download on his website as part of the 'Move To The Gyal Dem' package, packed with remixes and instrumentals


  1. Hey, happy belated birthday! I hope it went well and that you had lots of fun. Either way, it'd be really cool to be able to listen to some of the music you like and are influenced by. Seeing how music evolves and filters through people is a very enjoyable experience in itself. All about the love of music, right? A thanks in advance

  2. I was a dunderhead--that totally wasn't your bday, lol, so scratch that comment. *Partying* like your bday is the way to go.Anyway, hope you do more tours in the U.S. so more people can see your amazing performances!