Monday, 23 January 2012

Denver Dubstep

Our next stop was Denver, Colorado. Apparently it has lots of snow and 360 days a year of sunshine, so the people are quite happy, everyone there was so friendly and laid back, which could have something to do with the sunshine and snow or maybe the fact that you can buy weed legally there (for medical reasons) and they have more weed stores than Starbucks.

Now we also know what other behaviour is a side effect of bunnin it down... conspiracy theories, the guy who was driving us from the airport told us that there are rumours that there is a secret city underneath the airport and the artwork within the airport gives clues that the New World Order are going commit a massive genocide soon>>

We stayed in this mad hotel called The Curtis and each floor was themed. Tippa was on a fighting floor (lots of pics of rocky), Dan was on the dance floor! which i was extremely jealous about and what flippin floor did I have to get? The flippin 13th floor!! Yes unlucky number 13 :( when the lift stopped I heard a voice say 'Iiiiit's Jooohnnny' the doors open and i just see Jack Nicholsons big old face staring at me, then a nice silhouette of Freddie Kruger.

The night we played at was called Submission, the lovely Nicole runs it who is a legend. The venue was the Ballroom in five points back in the 1920's and had an amazing Jazz and soul scene. Some amazing artists have performed there from Tina Turner, to Miles Davis. There was a cool Mural thing in the dressing room telling me all this. Now it's run by hippies, so it has a bit of a psychedelic feel and smelled of hash.

Now they love their Dubstep in Denver, it was sick to play to such an appreciative crowd so far away from home. On stage they had these amazing white robots that they projected visuals on to, I'd never seen anything like it.

We dusted off a nice bottle of spiced rum and felt niiiice.

Love to Denver!

<3 s: Am I the only one who finds this slightly ironic 'Organic Blue Corn?????' P


  1. u did not know that blue corn existed haha?

  2. Not at all!!! that's such a novelty for me

  3. I enjoyed that show, but thought that a 40 minute show was a bit short for a headliner. Why?

  4. I was at that show as well... and I gotta ask: When you usually point the mic at the crowd during "Katy On A Mission" (the "ooo aaa ooo aaa ooo" bit), do they tend to sing along?

    I wasn't sure whether to be embarrassed for my own town or sympathetic when it's, admittedly, kind of an awkward thing to sing along to. (Catchy! But 300 people in unison? It'd be like the Buddhist monk chat from a David Lynch film)