Sunday, 22 January 2012

Orange County Smogging

I've only ever heard of Orange County because of the T.V show with lots of pretty people in it, last night there were lots of pretty people also but doing mad bass screw face expressions to the music.

I played at a night called SMOG in Santa Ana and it was pretty intense, the venue was sick it was like a mini amphitheater. DJ craze went on before us and i really enjoyed his set, especially when he dropped in a bit of Dr Dre, got me hyped up, i was jumping around backstage.

Tippa decided to lead Dan up the wrong path with his Champagne and Rum cocktail, which obviously resulted in them feeling very merry!

The show was heavy, the audience were sick, gave so much energy and the sound was epic, lots of bass, I was running up and down the stage like i was doing a P.E drill.

Then Benga went on and the energy went up even higher. On the mic as usual. Highlights definitely included him stage diving, inviting all the girls on the stage with him with which they kindly accepted and Tippa pulling back 26 basslines which is a regular occurrence when he's had some champagne and spirits.

Benga also broke the mixer in the middle of his set which is never ideal.

Met some really cool people and was good to catch up with some friendly faces (12th planet and Danny United). Much love to California.



  1. You were AMAZING Friday night :D We recorded two vids of your performance <3

    Part 1:
    Part 2:

    And Bengas set:

  2. made my year by being out here..

  3. Awesome!! Glad u had a great time in Cali! Does anyone know where we can look back at the photos ? Thx!

  4. pictures are here welcome


    Official Smog Photo Coverage^^^