Thursday, 16 February 2012

Ghost Poet @ KoKo!!!!!

I was very privileged to be asked to be a guest at Ghostpoet's SOLD OUT KoKo Show yesterday! The show was amazing, complete with horn and string sections, visuals and lots of experimental electrical equipment/sound triggers and some interesting looking light bulbs, it was truly an inspiration.

He asked me to sing the chorus to 'Cash and Carry Me Home' which is a big tune and was the last song of the night, I really wanted to convince him to stage dive as the title obviously is yearning for it but once i saw him in his dapper suit I thought otherwise, someone might spill beer on it and the suit was looking fresh!

The extremely talented Lianne La Havas who's new song 'Forget' is so beautiful (and out now) also joined Ghostpoet on stage...

Here she is on Jools Holland, gives me goosebumps>>>

The also extremely talented Tawiah joined him on stage. Who obviously tore it up as per usual. I am a massive fan of her's, her voice is so insanely ridiculously incredible!

Go to her website for a free download of her latest E.P 'Run' that came out over Christmas, you may have heard me play 'Little Drummer Boy' on my Christmas Rinse FM takeover.

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