Thursday, 13 June 2013

My brand new video!! 'What Love Is Made Of'

So here it is!!!! the first single off of my new album!!! can you believe it? wooop! i can't! So excited!!! Hope you like it.

I remember when I wrote the song, Geeneus was making the beat and I walked in to the studio and automatically I loved it. It was meant to be for someone else but I said 'No Way!!! I'm avin that!!!' and the rest is history. It made me feel so warm and euphoric so I wanted to write about something that made me feel amazing, and falling in love is definitely an amazing feeling, that aura that someone has and makes you feel so attracted to them really intrigues me and i wanted to explore that on this track, get down to the bottom of what love is made of.

I had such a great time filming the video, two days in Canvey Island!! The amazingness of Essex drifters came down and drifted around in circles in an empty lorry park, they originally wanted me to learn how to do it, but i was having none of it and apparently they couldn't get insurance (thank bloody god for that).

 Just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone involved! and big up bad man Emil Nava who directed it and came up with the concept.

Katy x


  1. I like that you can relate to it, me not being super rich.

  2. Katy ... Just seen your latest video ... Love your music but blimey the video is crap ... No sense to your music and distracts from your lyrics ... you can do better ... I can do better in my sleep ! Steve -

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