Monday, 16 April 2012

Train SuperNatural

Last weekend I took part in the FREE!!! Nike 'Train Super Natural' event at Westfield London. Nike master trainers took to the stage to instruct hundreds of ladies! It was an intensive workout including cardio, core and strength drills, I even had to get on stage at one point and hold a squat position with trainer Sonja Moses which was quite scary seeing as i wanted to fall over!

I've been training with Nike Training Club for a couple of months now and already feel the difference, it's important my fitness levels are up for festival season as jumping around on stage like a crazy lady for 45 mins doesn't sound good when you're out of breath!!

Everyone received a 'Train SuperNatural' T-shirt (which I didn't, I'm quite upset about that) and some lucky exercisers got some free Trainers too :)

Here's a vid showing you what went down:

The lovely DJ Neev from KISS FM was DJing too, I also did an interview with her:

My mates and my mum even came down! and i went to Rinse at Fabric straight after and partied til 7am in the morning!! It really energised me. To celebrate I had 2 roast dinners that weekend and a Big Malteaser Bunny egg! (You can't say I didn't deserve it!!).
You can get the FREE Nike Training Club app from The App Store, get your mates down the park and give the drills a go, i've had fun doing them!



  1. i attended the same event and won a free pair of trainers too (did a post on my blog about it)! it was great seeing you there katy!

    i don't have the NTC app, but there are free classes around london and the uk - i strongly recommend that the girls try it out at least once! it is hard work, but it's great fun and trust me when i say your legs and arse will thank you for it!!!

    Chi-Chi x

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